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School payments, the easy way

PockeCard focuses on bringing technology to the way payments are made in the education fraternity in an effort to provide the following benefits to:

  • Ease of sending money to students directly
  • Ability to monitor students' expense patterns
  • Pay fees conveniently
  • Control student expenditure in order to discipline
  • Curb vices among students (drinking, smoking, theft, etc)
  • Control what is sold to students
  • Relieve manual issuance of cash to students
  • Reduce cases of discrimination among students
  • Peace of mind knowing their money is safe
  • Make easy, safe and convenient payments
  • Develop a saving culture
  • Services


    PockeCard facilitates making payments for the many transactions made by students throughout their daily activities and stay at schools.

    We relieve schools from the extra burden of managing students' finances leaving only the core functions.


    PockeCard offers a means for parents to remit finances to their students at their own convenience and at preferred intervals.

    This eliminates the worries of giving too much money to students and risk of loss.


    PockeCard ensure students' expenses are monitored by the parents and at the same time controlled by the school to ensure good health and co-existence.

    This gives both parties peace of mind knowing that their students are safer with no avenue for vices.

    Are you an School administrator and need to control expenses in your School Canteen?

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